Langston Clevers

The confident, commendable chef of "The Blossom and Blade"


Height3' 0.5"
Weight55 ponze
Birthday18th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
GuardianByregot, the Builder
OccupationHead Chef, Cook for Hire
AlignmentTrue Neutral
TreasuresWedding Ring, Soul of the Culinarian

Born to a moderately wealthy pair of Dunesfolk, Langston's emergence as a Plainsfolk Lalafell was the source of a major row between both parents, with accusations of infidelity flying towards his mother. In spite of the falsehood of those claims, his father won custody of both children, but not before his mother named him Ilyigu Selayigu. The following sixteen years of his life would be highlighted by the sort of education one might expect of the wealthy; a rigorous regimen of education on trades and etiquette. Such business, however, could not hold his interest, as he was more fixated on his grandfather's culinary talents. This, alongside his growing disgust for the lifestyles of the wealthy, eventually culminated in the departure from his father's home without a word.He spent the next five years under his grandfather's tutelage, though it was undeniably harsh at first. He also became more humble by his experiences in the harsh desert away from the city of Ul'dah, learning how to hunt, gather, and fish while also learning to communicate with people of different backgrounds and speech patterns. Upon the completion of his education, he chose to wear the name "Langston Clevers" to distance himself from his father and to make it on his own with a name that was not already showered with a history of coin and decadence.The outside world proved harsh without the support he grew up with. Indeed, for all his time learning skills from those who raised him, he was good at restraining his emotions but not good at handling them once they let loose. Employment was also rough at first; he had the talent, but had to slowly build the reputation from working in kitchens around Eorzea. Within the next six years, however, he would become the owner and head chef of his own establishment, The Blossom and Blade, providing affordable and even free meals to those who were in need of a full stomach.Currently, Langston supplements his cooking career with some hunting ventures on the side. As the recepient of a gifted gunblade, he seeks to improve his skills and minimize costs of more exotic ingredients by hunting or finding them on his own.

rp hooks

  • Cook for Hire - Need assistance in catering some event? Or perhaps you found an esoteric recipe that require's an expert's touch? He's your man.

  • Adventuring - Long journeys require meals as well. He's not the best in a fight, but he can hold his own.

  • Face in the Kitchen - Perhaps you've seen him in some restaurant, whether he served you or worked alongside you.

  • A Luxurious Past - Though it's been years, there is the off chance that you could have known him during his youth, through some socialite gathering. Addressing him by his birth name may invite some hostility, however.

  • Field Work - With the ability to fend for himself and others, Langston would gladly assist in available jobs from the Adventurers' Guild, be they cooking, hunting, or foraging.



  • FFXIV RP? Sure! Feel free to approach!

  • Discord RP? Certainly. I am willing to share that information provided that there's enough reason to.

  • ERP? Don't count on it. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily, it's gotten old.

  • Most themes are alright, but if you have your doubts, feel free to run it by me OOC and we can discuss it!

Hunts, jobs, and encounters

Upon taking up the Bozjan Gunblade, Langston has taken on various jobs to supplement his cooking business and supporting his family. Completed jobs will be listed here!